Circle R Corp.




Snow Removal

Our president (Fred Rarey) has been removing snow since 1977; Judd Rarey (Vice President) has been removing snow since 1997 and Brian McCune has been removing snow since 1999. As you can see we have been pushing, piling and removing snow for years and there is no greater teacher than experience.

The addition of Christa Rarey (dispatcher) was much needed and allowed us to be more productive as we got bigger. Granted on our bigger lots we maintain no less than one truck until the weather brakes and the lot is cleared we still have several trucks running around for her to keep track of and operating in the most productive manner.

We are more than capable of handling any winter weather that is thrown our way. Supporting our fleet of pickups is an array of dump trucks, loaders and tractors to tangle with the winter weather.

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